Monday, 28 April 2008

Some questions to practice: Module 6

  1. Which holidays are you planing to take this year?
  2. Tell us about your favourite places to go on holidays. Recommend one of them to us.
  3. I am sure you have a special and delicious dish whose recipe you can share here, go ahead.
  4. Lets talk about glossy magazines....and gossiping. Here you have the perfect place to confess yourself (you are anonymous for the rest of the world). Be sincere how much of this vice are you addicted to?
  5. Tell us about a situation in which you got an impression of a person and then, after sometime, you discover that was totally wrong.
  6. How independent are you when you value people from stereotypes?


Anonymous said...

Last Tuesday I went to class early, so I wrote a redaction while wait, I want to write here, because I can't read it in class.
Upon a time, a princess that fell ill, she was always sleeping, she can't wake up. Her boyfriend, the prince asked everyone but nobody know that make. But an old man say him, that he Know a witch and she can help him. They both went to witch's house and she said 'I an help her, but I want to marry with your best friend'
The prince thought 'Yak, she is horrible, I can't do it'
One dayin the castle his friend ask him. 'What's the matter? Why are you sad?'
Then he talk him the history.
Ten days after his friend and the witch got married.
The first night together, the friend into tne bedroom, and he saw a beautiful woman, then he asked her 'Where is the witch?'
"I'm" she said " I can look beautiful, but do you prefer I look pretty during the day for your firends or in the night?".
And he answer her "I prefer that you want" She cried and always was a pretty woman.
This history talk about two things:
Friendship about men are strong and all women so look pretty are some witch. Thank very much. It's all folks! I'm me, teacher.

Titxer said...

Very interesting story (with some mistakes I want to talk about in class next week), but I confess I am surprised with the end of the story.
So your conclusion is that when a woman is ugly, she IS a witch; but when a woman is pretty, she MUST BE a witch. Is that right? or...the other way round...
However isn't that friendship of the two men in the story a bit "suspicious"?