Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Level 3: Module 8: Unit 3

We are celebrating General Elections and Elections to the Andalucian Parliament in a few weeks' time. Perhaps it's time to talk about politics. Will you dare? Go ahead. Express your opinion.


albertofg said...

I think most of people are not too much confident both in the capacity and the real intention of the politicians in order to improve the welfare of the population. Spain is now a mature democracy, for good or for bad.

Anonymous said...

Gloria said:

I think Spain has run much to have a balanced democracy and perhaps exist many errors that now is dificil to solve, we have happened of not having freedom to the excess, of the fear to the lack of respect and I believe that attitude of the politicians of any side is quite disappointing

Titxer said...

Revision for Gloria's participation:
"There are many mistakes that are not easy to solve .."
"We passed from lack of freedom to an excess of it".

Anyway Gloria, talking about your point of view, I must say that it is not clear whether you are talking about education or about social issues in general.
You talk about error....which ones?

Anonymous said...

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