Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Level 2: Module 4. Unit 2

  1. Who does the housework in your family? How often?


Javier said...

Almost time I live alone so I don´t have options. I have to do all the housework. I usually do that on friday afternoom because my girlfriend always comes the friday night.

arcos said...

My wife and I share the housework, but she does the more hard works, cooking, vacuuming, washing, clean the bathroom.
I make the beds, put rubbish out, shopping, tidying up and sometimes ironing

Anonymous said...

Both my wife and I have decided that the best wasted money is the one we pay for a house assistant who does nearly all the homeworks.
Any way I use to make the dinner , clean the kitchen and stay with my daughters when I can.
My wife ussually does another tasks like (put) the washing machine and get the house absolutely tidy.