Thursday, 29 November 2007

Level 1: Module 1: Unit 4

How can you go from "Santa Justa Railway Station" to "Great Square"(Gran Plaza)?
Give all details you can.


ANA said...

Go straight ahead, past the second traffic lights. Then take the turning on the left, past The Nervión Center and go straight ahead until the third traffic lights. Santa Justa Railway Station is on the left,opposite the Media Mark Store.

flumine said...

If I want to go on bus, I take the number twenty seven bus in front of the Railway Station and I leave the bus when I arrive at a Round Square at the sixth or seventh bus stop.
On foot, I go straight ahead; then I take the first turning past El Corte Inglés and Nervión Plaza Building.
Then I go straight ahead, past the football pitch of Sevilla Football Club, untill I arrive to the great round square that Sevillians call "Gran Plaza".